Sweeping Parameters of Fashion


BYORK ‘on the Coast’ line

The girls on the beach will be more concerned than ever about their Swimsuits & Beachwear, whether they be one- or two-piece models. Glimmering highlights of gold and silver will brighten tanned and perfectly undressed bodies for happy-hour mirth accompanied by the best of Latin music. The fashionable one-piece models show off plenty of hip thanks to large holes that add a sexy touch. A playful look at the past and a sporty touch for her. For the lingerie there’s a series of bodysuits that are practically totally transparent.



Portholes – Graphic Attitude
Portholes are used to great effect especially in the hip area, slenderizing any body. The one-piece suits boast lots of floral patterns flourishing foliage inspired by steamy tropical forests as well as geometric prints that invent exiting new designs in contrasting colors.


Shorts – Glam Sport
A flirtatious wink at the 40’s and 50’s for Swimsuits & Beachwear that boast high-cut bottoms resembling shorts and triangular tops. Bright colours and sporty touches for a very youthful stile that goes all out when it comes to sexy glamour.


Black & White – Opposites’ Attractions
No collection would be complete without this dramatic colour-no colour combination. Totally white bikinis and those perennially desirable little classics in black have added something extra to their appeal. Very thin suspenders, double or even triple. A hint of skin for the top with the S&M panache and little buckles dangerously fastened at the hip.


Silver & Gold – Glittering Waves
Metals, gold and silver as well as bronze and crystal beads. The one-piece suits have been designed with asymmetrical cuts to imbue the body with dynamic thrust. Sparkle galore for the two-piece models. Triangular bottoms with strategic gathers and bandeau tops enhanced with padded shoulder straps. Furs and leather jackets for a truly glam movie-tar look.



BYORK ‘on the Beach’ line

Swimsuits & Beachwear are no longer considered ephemeral, unambiguous accessories, but veritable garments in their own right that can even be worn with a jacket or duster coat. Objects to covet, evocative and delectably pretty, this seductive garments instantly transport us to utopia as we picture ourselves slipping them on like perfect liveries in the first summer sunshine. Constantly shifting and changing, fashion nonetheless perseveres in its original mission, to make us dream. Fickle, certainly, but equally immediate.



Laces – Hypnosis
Sexy and ethereal, these romantic fairies are dressed in pretty-as-a picture outfits, denoting their frivolous but unquestionably sweet nature. Lace, ruches and micro-boxer shorts are their raison d’etre, but beware, under the midday sun these fairies might melt, becoming mere puddles of water.


Geometrics – Beach Bondage
Cuts and shapes get a total makeover; U.S. culture passes on these unusual fetishes, must-haves. Teeny knickers are fastened to tops with elastic belts that flaunt the silhouette’s curves, either revealing all or barely covering a woman’s charms.


Prints – Painting
Carefreeness and eternal youth, prints herald a positive fresh approach to collections, without excessive elegance. One piece costumes and bikinis flaunt delicate shades, mostly floral in nature. Whispering to us that not all that glitters.



BYORK ‘on the Shore’ line

BYORK’S Presentation of Swimsuits & Beachwear by his glamorous models boasting elaborate designs and highly sophisticated materials. Lurex and animal prints were used with silver and beguiling pop patterns. The one-piece suits, dedicated to the James Bond girls, with the sunburst styling, create new geometric patterns. The two-piece suits flourish ever skimpier bottoms with lots of laces, especially fun in the shorts version, showing lots of Fifties influences and there’s an obvious desire for colour.



Colors – Rainbow
The pure colours of the rainbow are used to bring a note of unmitigated joy to the one-piece swimsuits, with their generous, rounded necklines, asymmetrical porthole effects that tend to slim the figure. A silvery sheen illuminates the classic bikini. Light as a sea breeze, the duster, poncho and beach apron only veil without concealing a woman’s charms.


Stripes & prints – Surfy patterns
Following the lead of the prêt-a-porter looks, Swimsuits & Beachwear are also featuring lots of stripes created by clever manipulation of transparent effects or in micro and macro versions vaunting all sorts of delicious colours. Along with the floral prints, there are huge daisies for the bikinis with sporty shorts-bottoms and sexy tops. Flowers galore for the miniskirts too.


Memories – Rita Hayworth
A severe, tailored touch for the shorts-style one-piece swimsuit that demurely eschews showing too much hip and comes in an unusual tone of green. The two-piece items are more frivolous with tiny ruffles adorning both the fabulous Fifties. Dusty hues and delicate pastels for a trend featuring lots of romantic allusions.