Career wear

A glimpse of perfection


Classic Skirts
Could be seen in full slip that required an extraordinary amount of fabric for the period, raising uproar as decadent and wasteful. Double and triple skirts barely resting against the hips, fluttering, rich in fantasy they hit just above the knee and come in decisively at the waist.


Noble Look
Chic interpretations of dresses recalling cherished memories, belonging to certain girls that don’t forget the elegance of the past. Dresses with well-defined bodices, tightly cinched waists and full skirts. Ball gowns, the skirts billow in fantastic nuances of colour, floating over underskirts in tulle, while the tube dresses prefer the smart sheen of shantung.



Elegant Shaped
Total black for the sheaths that walk in beauty like the night. The virtual crinoline skirts are theatrical in their puffy rigidity, embellished with fancy top stitching to highlight the role of prima donna . Contrasts in black and white, underscoring the need for rationality and timid tank tops take the edge of certain necklines in a flight of chaste modesty. Some like it white. A celebration of totally white, non-color sheath dresses for the summer. Delicate, romantic knit versions vaunt fine eyelet openwork, while the cool cotton ones are stiffened with hidden darts that show off the bust. The dancing dress in taffeta with the pure, almost geometric lines drops down below the knee and flares at the hem. A great way to show off that vacationer’s summer tan.


Novelty Knits
Thin enough to be practically transparent, this is the new look when it comes to knits. The sweaters are often oversized, with loose, sagging shapes and so the classic little cardigans for spring flourish a worn look, almost vintage. Tank tops and cardigans are a winning pair in this game. Subtle mélange effects create irregular stripes for the vests that cling to the body while exhibiting asymmetrical fastening systems.



Weightless Sheer
Luxurious yarns like silk and cashmere, with enhanced performance fit characteristics due to the addition of pioneering synthetic fibers of the latest generation, work and enchanting , spell, light as voile, imperceptible against the skin, yet capable of holding their shape. See-trough turtle-neck sweater that adhere to the body like a girdle romantic tank tops inspired by lingerie, T-shirts and dresses that interpret with austere delicacy a style that displays a great affinity with the world of design.
Thin yarns so no one has to forego that tender snugness even when the thermometer starts climbing. The lightness of the yarns allows women to flaunt long-sleeved sweaters even in the summer. Even better if the length is a hyper-feminine compromise. In this case the sweater becomes tiny, tending to sport a simple round or very open neckline and delicate pastel hues, plus classic white. Contemporary version of sweaters from the Sixsties, between B.B and sporty style.


Suede leather softness for jackets with a sporty look in rich earth tones of brown and ochre. While the skirts, barely flared, tend to come in bright colours to contrast with the blouses. Shirt-jackets to be worn with nothing underneath are worn over little dresses made from weightless fabrics. Overcoats with clean, pencil-straight lines embrace a rainbow of bright colours. Understated suits with a perfect allure tend to come in all the subtle nuances of beige.



Supersoft Leather
The leather garments are getting more and more sophisticated. Jackets covered with zippers, snug-fitting and short, highlighted by top stitching and borders in contrasting colours, a powerful image with tongue-in-cheek accents. Cigarette-legged pants with low-slung waists that always reveal the bellybutton. Beige and nuanced brown for the suits and the cropped, square-shaped little jackets. Braided work and complex inlaid patterns for a playful Texan cowboy look in which fringes and sinuous lines are absolutely de rigueur.


Printed Leather
This unique process allows us to dominate the market needs with endless shapes and forms of patterns, using colors of nature and colors of imagination. The prints add to the natural look of the leather a look and a feel of fashion forward luxury.