Quality is in every detail


Luxury Laces
Dedicated to all the women who are not afraid to display their exquisite femininity, conceived for the girls who are always in love, here’s a trend marked by the absolute romanticism of rose-scented perfume. Lingerie-style dresses, dainty laces, silken fabrics, entre-deux laces, slips created for seduction, corsets adorned with shimmering satin ribbons, application of tiny beads and cascades of rustling tulle ruffles in a melodious rhythm expressed in subdued nuances of colour



Emphatic Metalics
Lunar silver marries the avant-garde version, all you need is a vest or cropped little deconstructed jacket that can be worn over fluid dresses and you’re immediately in fashion. A steely sheen for the postmodern version that utilizes nothing but metal laminate. Gold for those fatal nights, velvety cadi and brilliant satin for the jacket fitted at the waist and the Fifties-style overcoat. The various expressions of bronze are decisive, conceived only for the evening. The showrooms are alive with scintillating metallic radiance. Silver treads weave mesh fabrics for tank tops as tiny little mirrors create hippie patterns on the white tunics. Glistering sequins add more radiance to shimmering satin, shorts like mini-dresses. Golden highlights on skirts exciting golden reflections with every sensuous step. Sumptuously draped dresses, heart-shaped necklines and breathtaking slits. Dancing fringe at the hem, luxurious jingling and jangling: it’s a glamorous nighttime look, intended for special evenings.



Purity White
The presentation would not be complete without white, a tone that has become a regular contributor for both winter and summer collections. In talcum powder tones, it adorns exquisitely light dresses in which everything is transparent. Chalk tones are used for dresses with an impeccable allure, featuring delightful surprises like a rigid corset effect against a soft dressing gown. Mother-of-pearl, metallic mesh, filmy, milky gowns worthy a princess of sidereal space. Pure white, on the other hand, is used for playful ruffles, tears and layered effects. Calk white, perfect for a couture look. Impeccably styled jackets, wide starched lapels. Fluid white, ideal for little dresses in jersey, soft and flowing, totally soft. Impalpable white for weightless dresses, composed of layers of transparency, wave upon wave. Surprising white, unexpected use of white, to recall the fabulous 60’s portho and sinuous necklines.