Wardrobe that women need to suit their lifestyle


Slit Slashes
Sharp downward blows cut frocks, made even sexier by these slits more than by figure-hugging volumes. Even the geometric little coats and cool summer tops cannot escape the cleaver.
Sharp razor blades gleam with threatening readiness. Skirts and sheath dresses are covered with gashes and unexpected slits in a never-ending game that resembles origami. Striking synchrony from the silvery coat, where bashful, precious stitching tentatively appears. Play tones down the aggression with sweet openwork. Indeed it’s cut-out designs that flaunt their loveliness on lingerie your grandmother would have loved. Flowers only ever dreamed of begin to bud on cotton and silk frocks and on pure white camisoles with an oh-so-romantic air. Peace at last.


Quite Mini
All flounces and ruffles the skirts have gone mini, or rather micro, and they’re shown with sporty T-shirts and cropped little jackets in denim that are equally minimal. Floral prints and polka dots against pink backgrounds, cherries and flowers in sparkling sequins as applications. A truly glamorous look is created with the dramatically short couture-style dresses that show off the bust and reveal the legs. Even the suit with the very fitted little jacket is being shown with a micro skirt sporting a strategically placed zipper.



Passion Lingerie
These weightless dresses with fin embroidery work look they rummaged from great-grandma’s attic trunk, recalling the intimate apparel of yesteryear. Little bodice hooks everywhere for fastening soft, limp little blouses in worn silk. Micro and macro versions of hem stitching, very short slips that are worn over T-shirts. There’s also lots of tone-on-tone embroidery and rows and rows of dainty covered buttons for little doll dresses. Everything has a vintage air, as if it had been worn years ago. Weightless lace is insinuating its way into everything. Bermudas and blouses, bustiers with a lingerie flair, as well as suits are adorned with lacey insets. Skirts in satin that are more than snug reveal unexpected garter belts. Slinky slips in pink, azure and flesh-tone are once again as seasonal must. Jackets as tight as corsets, culottes to be worn over incredibly embroidered stockings.


Micro Fit
Those precious little separates that make up a wardrobe where everything is micro. The tight skirts and snug pants, tight as a second skin, show of the belly-button, the cropped little camisoles have a thousand and one looks.
The hottest shorts for the upcoming summer season are iridescent and very, very short. They look great with transparent turtleneck tank tops. The one-piece swimsuit model is straight out of a blockbuster Hollywood film: Ring neckline and strategic trompe-l’oeil effects. Flower prints for the very Seventies bikini.
Even the dark lady is opting for the micro look and she does it with spunk. Very mini shorts that are sensationally tight, due to the flexibility of the high-tech material. The tops are brilliant in terms of creative invention, totally transforming themselves into bands, aided by micro straps that conspire to create necklines from outer space.
The hocked bra vaunts tone-on-tone feathers and is worn with denim shorts. Everything is very seventies, with a flirtatious homage being paid to the flower children. The little sky-blue dress with the high waist is right in character. Sequins, flowers and crystal beads are popping up everywhere.



Seductive, sophisticated women soldiers stride with martial assurance down the runway. Their uniforms consist of breathtaking bikinis worn under anoraks or flowing dusters. Bermudas and little tunics that really show of those marching legs. Classic cargo pants once again demonstrate their electric panache in terms of both materials and a stylistic transformation act. They go so far as to tighten up, vaunting unprecedented quilting effects. The classic warrior outfit has been deconstructed and taken out of its context. The result is a new army style flourishing feminine, romantically colored accents. It features a lot of shimmering satin and jackets that show off the bust. The models are enhanced by tidy pleating and ruffles, taking on a new flair with drawstrings and asymmetrical lines, in a bold romp through the centuries.


Presidential Draping
Conceived for goddesses of the city, all the draped effects possible and imaginable. Billows of harmoniously folded chiffon construct alluring necklines worthy of a Greek goddess. Laced bodices boast all sorts of colorful necklines, from brown to aquamarine; they are genuine dressmaking masterpieces. Apparently casual cuts transform T-shirts and dresses into unique with a very modern flair.



Skin Prints
If you were looking for your endless fantasy of tropical African jungle, you could rest assure that your dream vacation has begun. BYORK kingdom has absolute authority when it comes to gorgeous skin prints of every kind imagined. Nature color combinations and our designers’ superb combinations. In our fantasy jungle they all fit with each other and mix and match, all display in a peaceful show: Tiger, Leopard, Exotic Cat, Zebra, Sneak, Iguana, Alligator, Tropical birds and much more. BYORK is the number one design house specialized in animal prints for every season all year around.


Stripes Gala
Our designers are focusing on the colours of the peace flag to create the most classic of patterns: stripes. And they are brighter and gayer than ever. Along with the regimental versions, there is a series of weightless feathers, all in a row, one on top of the other, creating an unprecedented print that stands out on satin dresses imbued with a contagious vivacity. Homage to sailors is paid with the usual alternation of blue and white, but with a creative twist.