A World-Class Brand


LORA HAYWORTH, an American born Italian woman, who capitalized on her own charisma and her fashion sense, an outstanding Italian fashion designer who have made her mark in the world of fashion.

Growing up in the Biella region of northern Italy, LORA HAYWORTH has wanted to go into fashion design ever since.

Her grandfather, in old days, was a textile manufacturer, while her father, who served in the U.S. army, as time, joined the family business, to run the novelty fabric production, while LORA HAYWORTH was growing up surrounded by creative energy and fashion innovation environment.

After graduating from an artistic high school, she took her talents to Florence’s. Polimoda, Italy’s prestigious international institute of fashion design & marketing, never the less, her passion for art and design was on the rise.

LORA HAYWORTH worked as a head of a design team, designing women’s wear, earned a solid background and experience in the fashion industry, after a few number of years of success, LORA decided to pursue her dream of launching a design house that spoke to the modern woman.

It was just natural for LORA to fulfill her vision in the united state.

In 2011, as LORA HAYWORTH launched her fresh, contemporary collection under the label BYORK, since then, BYORK by LORA HAYWORTH has seen new additions in the fashion segment. She redefined the designer category by offering high-quality, on-trend clothing at contemporary price points.

This line of visionary, sophisticated designs gained an immediate embraced by celebrities following among fans.

Bringing her vision of Milan street fashion with a modern style to American women, the collection incorporated Classic sportswear, and beautiful dresses.

LORA HAYWORTH believes that the international fashion industry is familiar with the “high quality and tradition” of Italian design, and reputation for high-end fabrics that define luxury, to create the most luxurious or unusual looks.

Today, talented designer LORA HAYWORTH carries on a designer’s legacy, where she creates chic prêt-a-porter for BYORK. This fashion brand powerhouse has evolved into one of the hottest names in the fashion industry today.

LORA HAYWORTH became popular in fashion circles due to her creativity in redesigning the clothes considered to be feminine wardrobe for women’s never-ending craving for fashion – to wear the latest trends and look fabulous.

As LORA HAYWORTH rose to fame, her creations took on an air of futurism. Her so-called Ripple dresses had all the fixings of science fiction, combining earthly elegance with brilliant jewel-like colors and avant garde design.

LORA HAYWORTH’s clothes showed a freedom of expression that highlighted larger ideals, in particular the emancipation of women.

LORA HAYWORTH’s sharp creativity has ensured that the brand remains strong in a lead, with a quality-focused business strategy, “It’s more important for us to maintain the quality and the innovation.”

“I have Chosen to join BYORK, a vertical operation who convert their own knit fabrics, so I could have a peace of mind of running a business and a full backup with fabrics supply, while focusing on designing from the heart to the soul.”

“Fashion is a means of expression. I believe that self-respect starts with the art of expressing yourself through the clothes you wear.

Using the family’s and BYORK‘s made fashionable fabrics, it’s not only a matter of business, LORA HAYWORTH feels like there’s more competition to it, although LORA HAYWORTH‘s excess to performance  capabilities and Knowhow of developing and producing new various styles of novelty fabrications and variety of resources possible, became a matter of a signature and reputation.

“One of the key to our success has been both flexibility and refusal to shy away from technical challenges, producing complex technical formulations resulting in high-tech construction.”

As a result, the company approach has come to the center of market attention.