Evening Wear
Fashion right off the runway


Light Sheer
For the evening weightless knits become effective tools of seduction.Tending to feature dramatic black or chaste white, its fine yarns are transformed into mysterious spider webs that unblushingly reveal the naked skin beneath Loosely knit gowns reaching to the knee or even ankle and little knit tunics featuring a crochet-style bring out all a woman’s innate femininity. Tender is the night, thanks to their infinite cuddly softness, knits manage to interpret the modern spirit of the night with pioneering flair.


Shining Brights
Silk satin galore in the new wardrobe. Slip dresses, preferably long with shimmering, silvery highlights. Trousers and little cassocks that are slightly stiff due to the shantung that always, in all situations glows radiantly. The important thing is to shimmer, even if only in reflected light. The look is trousers in stiff silk shantung; the jackets are geometrically shaped. The tank tops that come down over the long, long are luxurious. The dresses that dare to flaunt golden splendor are quite tight.
Black and white take turns in the rhapsody of brilliant fabrics. Demure little pantsuits with cropped camisoles alternate with one of the season’s musts, the cassock-tank top. The flowing dresses recall the seventies.
These shimmering, iridescent dresses are brimming with joy as they hint at the solar summer reflections on their way. The little skirts skim the knees, with barely visible drawstrings at the waist and gored insets that make the hem and volume different. Unexpected pleats create unprecedented knit looks.




Gentle Satin
With a retro flair, shimmering, creamy satin is stealing the show. It comes in soft tones, like dove gray or brightens into lovely reds that flirt with purple. Perfect for culottes, ideal for pants that drape with a soft flutter, magical for the foulard skirts. For evening wear it becomes very feminine, gently caressing the body, recalling the swank Thirties. The seasonal offering just wouldn’t be offering just wouldn’t be complete without some satin, one of the best fabrics when it comes to showing off a woman’s femininity thanks to the way its sheen and supple texture create particularly suggestive effects. And so there are more demure lingerie-style dresses with lots of lace trim. Dusty colors has been selected for the jackets fitted at the waist and the cigarette-legged pants. Bomber jackets and petit cassocks are shown in a range of bright colours. There will be no shortage of occasions for showing off this magnificent series of evening gowns, all of them long. Sleek satins caress the body, plunging necklines and portholes effects. Bright colours, pastels together with luminous prints. Dawn rose against pale green, illuminated by delicious lemon yellow. Tiny floral prints against a creamy background, richly full skirts, layer upon layer of ruffles. The gowns in voile are worthily a demure princess, distinguished by their elegant styling and refined sophistication.


Stylish Black
Nothing but black for the evening, very sophisticated versions for overcoming any and all manifestations of boredom. For pants in rich silk satin, low-slung at the waist and cigarette-legged, plus there are splendid vest made from nothing and fastened at the bust; as an alternative, luxurious tank tops in which the radiance of the sequins shimmer with a steely glow. Deftly draped dresses, plays of asymmetry to create a perfect image. Geometric effects of transparency: star-studded tulle. It could be a modern version of the traditional tuxedo; and under the jacket… well nothing, naturally. But it could also be the little jersey dress that contours the body, serving as a second skin. It could be a masculine shirt or a very transparent tank top what is worn over the usual pants with the low-slung waist. It could be a dress with a sculptured bodice and feminine skirt composed of layers of veiling. A rhinestone serpent will wind its way up through the black.