Casual wear
To go beyond the limits of fashion


Fresh Prints
And if for spring we will be seeing lots of enchanting, light little dresses, it will be primarily that capture our hearts. Against dark backgrounds, both large and small flowers play with subtle contrasting effects. Weightless, transparent serves as a support for layers of roses in all the tenderest nuances, an enchanted garden. Berries cherries, and exotics, the most highly cherished fruits. And there’s no shortage of simple, graphic designs.


Colorful Strips
Stripes of every description and colour. This trend, by now an established classic for the spring collections, manifests itself in two major directions. One is more conceptual, in which the stripes are more delicate, a celebration of dresses, skirts and shirts with a sporty flair. The other draws inspiration from folk traditions, boasting a triumph of bright colours, tight pants and slips layered one over another.


Two tone Strips
A vacation on the Amalfi Coast calls for plenty of blue and white, a combination that is more than consolidated Sequins and voile, sober cottons and shimmering silks are the favorite materials. Both large and small stripes define a confident, perky style made up of luminous jackets, cotton wests and cigarette-legged pants. Touches of azure and red, in keeping with the nautical tradition. Ladylike little dresses with a tennis-club look and mini bomber-jackets in satin for a more glamorous touch.


Carved Shorts
Faithful summer companions that they are, shorts are great at improvising. With a dashing masculine flair, to the usual shirt they add a vest with a hippie appeal and a deconstructed jacket in boiled silk. In the more feminine versions they become quite eclectic and snug-fitting and in this case they tend to be shown with blouses flourishing jabots, ruffles and puffy sleeves. Delicate lace work and minimal ruffles transform them into modern culottes.



Legendary cardigans traditionally shown with skirts could be seen in some daring combinations with trousers. Snug-fitting, featuring fine, luxurious embroidery work or plain and minimalist with serious lines, the cardigan are worn with nothing underneath, over tank tops or with a matching knit t-shirt. Along with the classic, rigorous cardigan, in lightweight worsted wool, that is long, there are also sweaters with v-necks, coming in both micro and macro volumes. Nuanced effects are the big news this season.


Washed Denim
Once upon a time there were jeans, and then the designers discovered all the delicious ductile quality of denim and ever since then there have been a lot more versions. Not only have they been faded and cut into a thousand fabulous looks, now they’re being skillfully disassembled and then creatively recomposed. Pants, as well as jackets are being adorned with intarsia work and sewn with a great variety of materials. The skirts can be detached from dresses thanks to a handy zipper. Above all, the BYORK jeans have that very perfect fit.


Knitwear Festivity
Knits know all about springtime. It begins with minimal cardigans, often with zippers, flirting with certain intimate apparel, proceeding to outdo itself in very fine manifestations in luxurious blends of silk and cashmere, in intriguing netting. The new twin-sets are also very petit: tank tops and shells accompanied by little cardigans in matching tones. And for our designer sweatshirts, snaps are absolutely de rigueur. Over skirts, over shorts and over trousers, there’s no end of choice. Tank tops like diaphanous butterfly wings in weightless fabrics sporty with dusty tones: rose, azure and mud, as well as delicate yellow that are shown with a host of luminous gray hues. Little blouses as light as a spring breeze with v-necks are alternated with micro slips that boast dainty, narrow straps and golden borders