BYORK dedicated to building a network of the world’s greatest fashion brands.
BYORK LLC. ( ) is a leading global designer, marketer and wholesaler of over 4 brands with product expertise in apparel, Jeanswear and accessories. BYORK has a reputation for innovation, excellence in product quality and value, operational execution and talent. The Company also markets directly to consumers through branded specialty retail and outlet stores, through concessions at upscale department stores and through its e-commerce sites.
The Company’s internationally recognized brands and licensing agreements (L) include: BYORK by LORA HAYWORTH, LAEL, BYORK NY.


We design, market, distribute and license one of the world’s leading lifestyle collections of dressy and casual apparel and accessories for women that reflect the American lifestyle and European fashion sensibilities.


We also selectively going to grant licenses to manufacture and distribute a broad range of products that complement our apparel lines, including eyewear, watches, handbags, footwear, leather apparel and other fashion accessories.

The desirability of the BYORK brand name among consumers has allowed us to selectively expand our product offerings and global markets trough trademark licensing arrangements.
We will work closely with our international licensees and distributors to develop significant growths opportunities and to expand the availability of BYORK brand throughout the world.


BYORK and BYORK by LORA HAYWORTH products are designed by an in-house staff of two design teams located in New York. Our design teams travel throughout the world in order to monitor fashion trends and discover new fabrics. Fabric shows in Europe, Asia and U.S. Provide additional opportunities to discover and sample new fabrics. These fabrics, together with the trends observed by our designers, serve as the primary source of inspiration for our lines and collections. We also maintain a fashion library consisting of antique and contemporary garments as another source of creative concepts. In addition, our design teams regularly meet with members of the sales, merchandising and retail operations teams to further refine our products to meet the particular needs of our markets.

Our products will sell through two primary distribution channels: in our own stores, to a network of wholesale accounts, branded products, some of which are produced under license, will also be sold internationally through a series of licensees and distributors.


Strengths – Brand Equity
We believe that our brand name is one of the most familiar in the fashion and is one of our most valuable assets. We believe the enduring strength of the BYORK brand name and image is due mainly to our consistent emphasis on innovative and distinctive product design that stands for exceptional styling and quality.

Our industry is highly competitive and subject to rapidly changing consumer preferences and tastes. The success of our brand depends on our ability to anticipate the fashion preferences of our customers. We have a team of designers who seeks to identify global fashion trends and interpret them for the style-conscious consumer while retaining the distinctive BYORK image.
We have developed the “BYORK signature image “and “BYORK by LORA HAYWORTH lifestyle concept,”


Retail Distribution
Our retail network creates an upscale and inviting shopping environment and enhances our image. Distribution through our retail stores will allow us to influence the merchandising and presentation of our products, build brand equity and test market new product design concepts. Our retail stores will carry a full assortment of women’s merchandise, including most of the BYORK licensed products.


Wholesale Distribution
We have both domestic and international wholesale distribution channels. Domestic wholesale customers consist primarily of better department stores and select specialty retailers and upscale boutiques, which have the image and merchandising expertise that we require for the effective presentation of our products. Our products were sold directly to consumers in variety of Department store location. These locations include shop-in-shops, an exclusive selling area within a department store that offers a wide array of our products and incorporates BYORK signage and fixture designs.


Sourcing and Product Development
We source products through numerous suppliers, many of whom have established long-term relationships with us. We seek to achieve the most efficient means for timely delivery of our products. Our fabric specialists work with fabric mills in the U.S., Mexico and Europe to develop woven and knitted fabrics that enhance the products’ comfort, design and appearance. For a substantial portion of our apparel products, production planning takes place generally four to five months prior to the corresponding selling season. Delivery of certain basic products is accomplished through our Quick Response EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) replenishment system which ensures shipment of such products generally within 48 hours of receipt of customer orders.


Our production and sourcing staff in N.Y. oversees aspects of apparel manufacturing, quality control and production, and researches and develops new sources of supply.
The production office managed by Kenneth Parker who is worldwide designer and manufacturer of novelty and specialty fabrics. His experience and expertly in the textile field allow us to source, designs, develop, manufacture and quality control mass production and allow us to produce full package from high quality yarn to finish garment. Kenneth Parker design skills also placing BYORK as a definite leader and few steps before our European and American competitors in development of new fabrics that never seen before in the market, and in many cases designed and qualified for copyright which give BYORK advantage compeer to the rest of our competitors.


Quality Control
Our quality control program designed to ensure that products meet our high standards. We monitor the quality of our fabrics prior to the production of garments and inspect prototypes of each product before production runs commence. We also perform random in-line quality control checks during and after production before the garments leave the contractor. Final random inspections occur when the garments are received in our distribution centers. We believe that our policy of inspecting our products at our distribution centers and at the vendor’s facilities is important to maintain the quality, consistency and reputation of our products.


Wholesale backlog
We maintain a model stock program in our basic denim products which generally allows replenishment of a customer’s inventory within 48 hours. We typically receive orders for our fashion apparel 90 to 120 days prior to the time the products are delivered to stores. The backlog of wholesale orders at any given time is affected by various factors, including seasonality and the scheduling of manufacturing and shipment of products. Accordingly, a comparison of backlogs of wholesale orders from period is not necessarily meaningful and may not be indicative of eventual actual shipments.