Generally, our retail display merchandise within a current fashion trend that reflects a color statement and key items related to that trend. Rather than always displaying garments together by type (blouses with blouses, for example) our visual teams combine apparel and accessory items, which the customer might buy as an ensemble. Store displays are designed to enable customers to create outfits within a current fashion statement or trend group. We believe that this trend –grouping concept enhances the fashion image and enables the customer to locate combinations of items, which strengthens the Company’s opportunity for multiple unit sales. From time to time, certain key items are merchandised together on tables or wall shelf sections in order to emphasize those particular items. High-tech marketing tools and other varied marketing also helps keep customers focused on particular fashion themes. We strive to continually re-position assortments and create unique, exciting merchandise displays to keep up with the ever evolving taste of our customer base.
BYORK retail locations are merchandised similarly and target the same fashion-conscious customer. The stores provide a balance of moderately priced fashionable BYORK brand name and Company-developed apparel and accessories that appeal to consumers with young, active lifestyles.
Our experienced teams are responsible for identifying evolving fashion trends and then developing themes to guide the Company’s merchandising strategy. Each division concept has a separate buying team to ensure a distinct separation of style. Each team goes about developing themes and strategies in their own way, utilizing fashion services and trade publication, sourcing the European market, sourcing the applicable domestic vendors, and analyzing customer response to current trends. Over time we have increased our focus creating exclusive designs to strengthen the merchandise offerings in the stores, as well as, to increase the brand presence of each of the concepts.


Business Growth Strategies
We believe the BYORK brand is an integral part of our business, a significant strategic asset and a primary source of sustainable competitive advantage. It communicates a distinctive image that is fun, fashionable and sexy. Brand loyalty, name awareness, perceived quality, strong brand images, public relations, publicity, promotional events and trademarks all contribute to brand integrity. Our designs teams visit the world’s premier fashion locations in order to identify important style trends and to discover new fabrics.