The company’s spirited philosophy is conveyed through its design sensibility. BYORK style celebrates the human form, inspired not only by the truly spectacular faces that grace BYORK signature photos, but also by the very real men and woman who are the true inspiration.
With a touch of international flair, the style of BYORK as always has been original. The elements of BYORK style are defined by great attention to details and a European passion for cut and fit. Quality and attitude set BYORK apart. Running the gamut from glamour to casual hip to downtown chic, the look of BYORK is classic, yet stylish and modern in every sense. The BYORK customer has developed her own personal fashion identity, finding a balance between the fantasy of fashion and the reality of life, smart and confident, witty and sophisticated; each is fashion conscious and trendsetter.


The original vision, the one that redefined has evolved into a multi- faceted fashion and lifestyle collection, while Classic Sportswear remain the foundation of BYORK style, the world of BYORK has expanded to encompass comfortable dressy and casual clothing and accessories for women, to suit every life style. Classic Sportswear wear has evolved drastically in past year from its origin as basic work attire. Classic Sportswear is now a fashionable profitable business and a large industry in the United States and Europe. From high and haute couture designers to mass market retailers, everyone in the fashion industry wants a piece of this lucrative business. In this current Classic Sportswear, BYORK prevails with its innovative designs, original brand and stylish trends.